Success Across Sectors

The fundamentals of great project management have proven constant and portable across many different industries and situations.

As a result, Booth Advisory has project management expertise in a wide variety of sectors across North America, including retail, software, health care, media/entertainment, and financial services.

Using these fundamentals, Booth Advisory offers a flexible approach to suit each client, which is highly adaptable to their preferred methodology and, if applicable, enabling technology. Booth Advisory has managed software implementations of SAP, Oracle, Epic, NetSuite, and Salesforce products, among many others.


Client Profiles

Booth Advisory is typically engaged by those who oversee large-scale, often technology-enabled projects for North American-based companies:

Senior Executives: To properly structure and kick off their critical initiatives, coach them on their roles, turn around distressed projects, or perform in-flight assessments to proactively spot and rectify risks.

Project Sponsors: To enable their project teams with tools, techniques, and strategies to get the results they need.

Board Members: To equip them with the questions they should ask to effectively govern the investment and risk of large transformational initiatives.

Technology Vendors: To support their teams on their most important implementations, or provide an independent project audit for them and their clients.